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Measures to develop a new scientific trend in the economics "Management of Socio-Economic Safety"

The emergence of a new scientific trend in the economics "Management of Socio-Economic Safety" and the bases of "Management Theory in Economics" is associated with certain difficulties caused by the use of logical and probabilistic calculus, logical and probabilistic risk models and special software. The basics of such apparatus are not studied either in school or in universities. Therefore, it is necessary to train students, retrain economists and specialists, including academics and senior government officials.

The list and content of organizational arrangements for the establishment of a new effective scientific trend in the economics is following:

  1. To train students on the new discipline "Management of Socio-Economic Safety" with lectures and laboratory works with the computer, for example, in the Moscow State University and the Higher School of Economics.
  2. Certify the developed software for solving scientific problems. Most of the tasks in the scientific trend have high computational complexity and cannot be solved without software.
  3. Assign lead executors for the development and implementation of safety management systems for socio-economic systems having most importance.
  4. Create departments "Management of Socio-Economic Safety" instead of departments "Economic Security", having no scientific foundations and established on the basis of accounting and audit disciplines in economic universities and, accordingly, include in a training program the discipline "Management of Socio-Economic Safety."
  5. Include in the priority topics of scientific research of the Russian Academy of Sciences the theme "Management of Socio-Economic Safety". Due to the absence of this theme, the research on the development of the scientific trend "Management of Socio-Economic Safety" has no financial support about 10 years.
  6. To allocate a presidential grant and funding to complete and formalize works on the creation of a new effective scientific trend "Management of Socio-Economic Safety."

The team of scientists who created the new effective scientific trend in the economics "Management of Socio-Economic Safety" and the foundations of "Management Theory in Economics" offers cooperation to state structures and can perform training.


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